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Get paid what
you’re due.

Optimize your payor contracts — and maximize your revenue.

Delivering superior patient care is your specialty — maximizing contract performance is ours.

Right now, you could be leaving money on the table simply because — similar to many practices — your contracting and credentialing process isn’t being handled correctly, resulting in denials and lost revenue.

Let’s fix that — and ensure you’re paid every dollar possible. That means choosing the right contracts, negotiating the right rates, and bringing data into the conversation to maximize the performance of your revenue cycle process. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Here’s how we stand out from the rest:

One partner, one solution

Practices don’t have time to wrangle multiple vendors. Fortunately, our payor contracting and credentialing services integrate with MSM’s Revenue Cycle Management solution to streamline the process under one roof.

Unparalleled expertise

We know the market and have our finger on the pulse of the rapidly-changing healthcare landscape. MSM negotiates the optimal contracts and rates for your business.

Business intelligence

You can’t learn from data that isn’t there. MSM delivers real-time data and analytics so you have a transparent view into contract performance.

The biggest reimbursement

Improper credentialing is a big source of profit loss for many practices. By strategically pairing people, technology, and the right credentialing, we put more money back into your revenue cycle than any other solution.

Let us maximize your revenue.

Explore MSM’s payor contracting and credentialing services today.